Flag of Grenada
    Grenada Flag
    Grenada flag facts
    Adopted 7 February 1974
    Proportion 3:5 (on land)
    1:2 (on sea)
    Designer Anthony C. George
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    Grenada flag

    Grenada flag
    Grenada flag
    The national flag of Grenada consists of a large rectangle with the large red border around it with six gold five-pointed stars with three centred on the top border and three centred on the bottom border divided into four triangles of gold (top and bottom) and green (hoist-side and fly-side) with the red disk superimposed at the centre bearing the gold five-pointed star and the nutmeg pod on the hoist-side of the triangle. The Flag of Grenada was designed by Anthony C. George of Soubise in the Parish of St. Andrew.
    The National Flag of Grenada represents the distillation of a national effort to produce an emblem of a nation that can stand for all time and which incorporates simplicity of form, a pleasing visual quality and, not least, is symbolic of the confidence, hope and aspirations of a courageous people accepting the challenge of nationhood.
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    Grenada flag

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